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Ultramarine Blue Cubes / Tablets

Super Bird Blue Cubes is the best and safest way to keep white fabrics a sparkling & clean white. It Brightens Yours Whites and Revives your Colors.

Laundry Blue 15 gram Tablet /Square Cubes :

Packing : 15 gram x 48 cubes packed in Small Box  such 18 small Box in master carton total 864 cubes in a carton 

Product Features :

  • Useful for Laundry  
  • Fabric Whitener
  • Removes Yellowishness
  • Dazzling Whiteness

Directions :

  • Wrap Blue in Cloth,(cotton or muslin is best)
  • Stir while squeezing the blue in the last rinsing water
  • Dip articles into the solution separately for a short time and keep them moving
  • Dry clothes in shadow

Ultramarine Blue Cubes

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