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Multipurpose Liquid

Product Features :
  • Best for Utensils Cleaning
  • Best for Car wash
  • Best for Floor cleaning
  • Removes tough stains
  • Leaves fresh fragrance
  • Available in green color & as per requirement
  • Packing : 225 ml,450 ml & 1000ml
Product Description :

Multipurpose Liquid is a extra concentrated liquid for a fast ,gentle & sparkling  results for Utensils, Floor Cleaning, Car wash, stainless steel,non stick utensils & glass crockery .The unique formula with de-greasing power gets rid of oily stains and grime easily .Just single drop gives dazzling and scratch free shine with pleasant fragrance .

Multipurpose Liquid manufacturer in India
Multipurpose Liquid manufacturer
Multipurpose Liquid Exporters
Multipurpose Liquid Exporter in India


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